the real critics

Since the DVD release of THE BUTTERFLY TATTOO and the 200,000+ downloads we’ve been receiving some nice reviews from what I consider the real critics - the audience. I don’t particularly care - good or bad - about what the paid reviewers say because, frankly, they’re not my target audience. Their words are small fry to the word-of-mouth that everyday people generate. I’ve made this film for them and not for the critics.

Anyway, I decided to pull out a few comments from the various message boards, customer dvd reviews and personal emails I’ve received about what people are saying about the film. Thank you all!

A genuine, heart-wrenching story… really enjoyed the fact that the director respected his audience and didn’t spell things out for his viewers”

"I felt the film was one of the better films I’ve seen this past year… a very good film"

"I enjoyed it. Certainly more than a great many studio films that made big bucks in the box office. The opening scene was beautiful, and the integration of the soundtrack was outstanding throughout. I loved, loved, loved the close-ups of the leading couple. They really tested the actors"

"Just watched this now and it has moved me! Amazing movie!"

"I just finished watching the movie, legally, on Netflix. I thought the movie was fantastic."

"Brilliant Film… and I want the soundtrack"

"Good film with moments of brilliance"

"I just saw it in LA… it was FANTASTIC"

"I think it was one of the most moving films I’ve ever seen."

Keep ‘em coming! Join the film’s facebook fan group and send us your reviews. The more people who talk about it, the better the buzz and the more likely the film will be shown in other countries.

Meanwhile, my previous (and most popular) blog to date about the illegal downloading of the movie is still live and active with a great debate forming! Have a read here and have your say about downloading vs. buying.

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